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Step In Data Governance Manager

Zurich, Zurich, CH

Company: Swisscom

Category: Management Occupations

Published on 2022-05-05 06:46

Ready for Swisscom

You are responsible for the protection of servers and storage systems of Swisscom as well as of our outsourcing customers. In addition, you will help to ensure that digital certificates can be obtained easily and automatically at Swisscom. To do this, you will work actively with other teams from across the Group.

We continue to develop ourselves and our service and are enthusiastic about new technologies and solutions. In this process you can actively contribute your experience and suggestions and share them with the team. Our environment offers you many opportunities to expand your skillset through proactivity and curiosity.

In this way, you contribute to maintaining the security of Swisscom and our customers.

You work with the latest technologies and legacy - broad horizontal impact You will have the opportunity to drive the most important data protection projects at the leader in Switzerland You will work with a very experienced team

What you do is who we are.

1/3Management of the Enterprise Application Services Tribe

The 6-member leadership team of the Enterprise Application Service Tribe is a motivated group that tackles new challenges as equals. Data governance is an important pillar in our daily work.
We work independently and distributed in Switzerland on the success of our Tribe.
We are characterized by mutual trust and a high commitment to get work done.
We communicate openly, live a constructive feedback culture and continuously improve ourselves.

2/3Data-Governance of the EAS Tribe

We work with many clients from different sectors:

Banks insurance companies Hospitals government and many more.

3/3Skill Check

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Your professional profile

Basic knowledge in data compliance & security (DSG) You have an impeccable reputation Knowledge of German, French or Italien Enthusiastic for new technologies and solution approaches as well as for working in an agile environment and its methods (e.g. SAFe, CI/CD) Independent and reliable way of working

What else sets you apart

Very good English Good communication skills Flexible, self-motivated and committed personality with stamina, who maintains an overview even in a complex environment
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